About Us

Your friendly local indoor garden store

Welcome to Hub City Hydroponics. We offer a comprehensive selection of hydroponic growing supplies, nutrients, and new as well as used hydroponic growing equipment.

We’re a new store in Nanaimo, but we aren’t new to hydroponic growing. Our young and energetic team has been passionate about hydroponic growing since childhood. We’re second generation hydroponic growers ourselves, born and raised in the community. Our team of five has over 50 years of hydroponics experience – years spent taking pride in meticulous attention to detail, reaping the rewards and seeing the results of the effort and accumulating the experience that indoor growing requires.

Our goal is to provide a friendly and familiar setting for our customers. We have set up our store to feel like a neighborhood shop instead of a warehouse because we like having customers visit us to chat, share in our knowledge and enthusiasm for growing as we help them to find the right products for their needs. Our youth and enthusiasm combined with knowledge and experience is the difference between us and other hydroponics retailers. We go the extra mile to make sure that our store is a part of the community and make it a fun place for our customers to drop by, for whatever they need.

We offer services to growers from all walks of life, whether you are setting up a small herb garden in the home or managing an industrial-scale growing operation, we have the components, systems and supplies you need and the expertise to assist you every step of the way. We also offer delivery of products to customers in the Nanaimo area as well as an online shop and shipping to growers all over the country.

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