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This unrivaled 3 part nutrient system consists of a combination of primary, secondary and micronutrients in three separate formulas: Grow, Micro and Bloom.

– No synthetic dyes are used in the manufacturing of these products. The colours are naturally derived and are light, heat and acid stable.
– The product is designed to be seamlessly integrated into any feeding schedule and to replace any current three-part system on the market.
– The formulation contains no carbonates unlike a number of other products on the market.
– All of the ingredients are 100% water soluble and are immediately available to your plants.
– 100% chelated micronutrients with 3 unique sources of iron designed for a broad range of pH environments.
– Provides more flexibility than a conventional 2 part nutrient system.
– Does not leave a heavy salt residue due to its low salt index.

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